Why do I receive an ‘Access Denied’ error message when I click on the Order link in the approval email?

In most cases a user receives an ‘Access Denied’ message because they are not logged into their Photoshare account. Once a user is logged in, the link in the approval email should load the approved order. Users can also access all Orders within 'My Account'. Contact Photoshare for assistance. 

Are Photoshare images free?

Yes, Photoshare is free-of-charge strictly for nonprofit educational use.   The collection is not fee based, Photoshare images are not sold, and royalties are not paid to contributing photographers.  

While Photoshare does not provide images to for-profit organization, we do provide support to for-profit consultants and implementers producing material on behalf of a nonprofit/government agency. This information should be included in the request form.

Why are there restrictions on using Photoshare images? 

Photoshare is available upon request, with all orders individually reviewed to ensure fair use and the protection of photo subjects. Information about each photo request is shared with contributing photographers through Photoshare’s unique History of Use for Contributed Images.  

The Photoshare collection falls under the category of editorial photography. Unlike commercial photography, which is usually obtained for promotional purposes through contracts with professional photographers and stock agencies, editorial photography calls for a journalistic approach to taking and using photos. In other words, editorial photography is intended for objective, accurate representation or illustration of a real situation, subject, or physical location.

Photoshare images are available strictly for nonprofit, educational use promoting international health and development, under the principles of editorial photography. They may be used to visually portray the people, stories, and issues referred to in Photoshare captions. Above all, we expect Photoshare users to respect human photo subjects and take into consideration whether photo subjects may experience negative consequences of having their photo used. The value and importance of using a photograph should always be weighed against regard for the photographic subjects' reputation, privacy, and integrity.

We cannot approve any request for photos if they will be used in a way that falsely or harmfully associates, or seems to associate, a particular health status, attitude, or behavior with any person who appears in the photographs. Photographing and using photos of vulnerable populations requires extreme care and sensitivity. If you request such photos, please be prepared to answer additional questions about your request or provide a draft copy of your document.

Can I keep an image and use it for various purposes in the future?

No, images supplied by Photoshare may not be copied or stored by any means, electronic or otherwise, except for the purpose for which they were originally supplied. Permission must be sought and given from Photoshare before each and every use of an image. The user must provide Photoshare with publication/presentation details and an explanation of how Photoshare images are intended to be used.

Can I submit one request form for various materials I am working on?

The Photoshare request form is designed to handle one request at a time (i.e. one title per request form).  Alternatively, you can insert watermarked thumbnails into your documents and send us the drafts so that we can properly review the context of photo use.

Can Photoshare images be altered? 

Yes, Photoshare image can be altered provided that the context of the image in not changed. Basic edits like cropping, levels, color adjustment, and rendering are permitted.